Living Water

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Sue Well 2015 | Living Water

We were so looking forward to the ministries we were about to experience. How many children would hear about Jesus and accept Him as their Savior?  How many people would be healed through medicine or prayers? An exciting day ahead. Children came from everywhere. Children even carried children on their back. We started by reading the story about how Jesus finds His “little lost sheep”.  Kondoo (sounds like condo) is sheep in Swahili. Nancy our translator and friend was lead to know what a condo was in the USA so many jokes were made about it after that. We helped the children make little sheep to bring home and tell their families about the story. We gave them lamb stickers too. We let them color the salvation booklet that was prepared in Swahili as Nancy read it to them. We also had the teamwork with the children on their Salvation bracelets. Up on our feet as we played “popcorn” with beach balls in the parachute then as we called the various colors they ran under it with big smiles and laughter!  Back to their seats.

We gave them bags with the Swahili words that mean “things God made” and after putting some animal stickers on the bag they ran to find something God made like grass, leaves, sticks, stones what ever they found yes, that was right. And when they showed what they found they were told that God made them beautiful and they took turns looking in the mirror!  Next they could draw what beautiful meant to them. Great pictures of various things.  Then the children heard the story of the Salvation soccer ball and many children accepted Christ as their Savior as they raised their hands in excitement, Yes, Yes! Next we were on our feet once again as Nancy and their Youth Pastor lead the older children in a game of soccer.  Nancy’s team won, of course. The younger children played catch and hot potato with their soccer ball. We took turns singing songs and stopping midway for hot potato. Everyone had fun. Then the bubbles came out and as we blew the bubbles the children ran after them to pop them. Lots of laughs and giggles had by all. We had cookies and then the children had to go home for what they told us was lunchtime but we were told by the village Doctor it was just for a nap. They didn’t eat until dinner if they were to have any food at all that day.  One of the children that caught our eye had a shirt with a Key West logo and he was too little to tell us his name so we referred to him as key west and he came each day we were there and his smile brought us great joy!  We had our lunch of chapatis and green gram soup. Oh my. It was so good. I wish we had enough to feed the children. There was a tall young man who walked for miles because he heard there was seeds to be given from our group. We had a representative from Hope Seeds with us distributing seeds. On the first day he came he received seeds and prayer and money for shoes.  Thru prayer that day he accepted Jesus as his Savior and we told him to come back tomorrow to receive a Bible. So today he arrived for the Bible and brought some younger siblings as well to enjoy our various VBS activities we had for the children. In the afternoon we added ourselves to the prayer team. What a blessing it is to pray for others. Karisa and I got to pray with Dr. Joe over a child with scoliosis. We heard and saw our amazing God worked and the bones creaked and the spine slowly went back in place. God is still into making miracles. We left at 4 and we stopped in the city to change our dollars into Kenyan Shillings. One of the translators took two of our team to a different bank and got separated from the group. They went on to get dresses made so we finally caught up with them and had dresses and shirts made for all of us. The girl who sold phone minutes in the store talked to Dr. Joe and accepted Christ as her Savior along with a young man I started talking to at the door until it was my turn for a fitting; then Dr. Joe took over and the young man accepted Christ. We returned to the hotel and put together 100 pair of the shoes that grow to give as gifts the next day to the young children. Then we had showers, dinner, debrief and planning for tomorrow, the day I had been waiting for.

Next we went to the school down the road.

With the children we shared stories of Jesus and colored the Swahili books we brought. We presented the little dresses made by the ladies at come to the well to the children with most need. We gave seeds with a little water from a bucket and dirt to grow various things staring in a plastic bag so they could watch it grow after the creation story. Karisa and I and a youth pastor also went to tell about Jesus to the young prostitutes and Karisa told her story of life and they all accepted Christ as their Savior. The Church agreed to mentor them after this day. We gave them gifts of purses and matching t-shirts with lotion to each girl. Pictures and hugs followed. Lunch was served and then shoes were distributed to the youngest children from Shoes that grow. Dusk was settling in as it was time to go. A great day for the Lord!  Back to the hotel for dinner debrief repacking and bed.

Like with Hezekiah in the Bible, I prayed this day God would send the sun back 10 steps to make the day longer.  The village of Kamukuyua was far away and there was much to accomplish. We were up extra early for our trip. Today we would dedicate the well donated by Peter and I thru Hearts Afire to the Lord!  I am so excited!  What a blessing, I wish Peteie could be here with me. So off we go! The scenery along the way was quite beautiful. The anticipation of the day was amazing. What did God have for us today?  After about 3 hours Pastor Bernard Wanjala met us down the road and guided us into his home. We were greeted by the ladies from the Church with lots of hugs. Our gracious hosts had coffee and breakfast for us all. We had chapatis, hard boiled eggs and fruit with various sandwiches.  Rhonda presented her gifts to the Pastor’s wife and I did as well. I also gave the Pastor gifts for him and his congregation.  Next was the well dedication!  Pastor and the Church ladies went with us as we walked down the muddy road. One man drove by with many water jugs attached to the bicycle.  A lady walked by us with a large basket on her head. The children along the way looked at us as if they had never seen a mzungu before.  They followed along behind us.

The well in Kamukuywa

Then all of a sudden there it was, the well. Questions rushed in my head. How was the Lord going to use this?  How many steps this would save the people who walked 3 miles. How much better the clean water would be for their health. The well had chains with a lock and key.  Pastor Benard asked me to come up and he gave me the key to unlock the pump. I unlocked it and held it high in the sky as tears rolled down my face. It was as if some kind of freedom had been released. I was wishing so dearly that my husband Pete could be here with me in this moment. I started to pump water from the well and it was magnificent! Suddenly I had all the children around me and could not hold back my tears of joy and thanksgiving as I started to sing Asante Sana Bwana Yesu Asante Yesu. Thank you Lord Jesus, Thank you Jesus!  Nothing else could come from my mouth but praising and thanking the Lord!  Pictures were taken and off to their Church we went. When we arrived they had kind words for us and Dr. Joe and I both spoke to the people.  Revelation 7:16-17.  Never again would they hunger never again would they thirst. The sun would not beat down on them or any achieving heat. For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their Shepherd. He will lead them to Springs of living water., and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.  I went on to Praise the Lord and talk about my husband who wished he could be there with us and my Grandson Taylor who was excited for the people of Kamukuywa and wanted a sample of water from the well. A big thank you to God and the people of the village for making this day so special as they put garlands around our necks. The people sang for us and danced. We seemed to all be dancing at one point. True joy of the Lord.

-Sue McClash

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