The Call to Kenya

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Toni-Kenya 2015 praying copy

Kenya 2015, August 21

2 Corinthians 3 – The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom… And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another… For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.

Jesus & I amongst the Village in Kenya

As we were walking amongst the Kenyan children, Jesus smiled and I was astonished by the sever poverty; moved to tears of compassion as my heart was breaking for them all… “Tony I have called you to Kenya for my children, these were the ones I spoke to you about many time as we set together and share the sweetness of life together in the midst of the garden… Don’t’ be downcast in your soul, I have overcome all that you see son. This is why I told you to get out of your mind with only eyes to see what is limited and temporary.  Walk with them today as I walk with you tony, allow them to see into the depths of your heart and they will see Me precious boy.  I know tony, My heart burns with compassion for each one too, remember I formed each of them in my image and I have a divine plan for each one which you cannot see, but as we walk today I will show you.  I’m with you and they will know I sent you as you allow the flow of My great love to ransom their hearts son…  Go now, go feed my sheep and we will talk throughout the day…

Your Lord Jesus

Kenya 2015, August 22

Oh Father God, there is such a heaviness on my heart for these always-being-loved children of Yours here in Kenya… Humble me and break me brand new Father… Made me to be more like these meek and humble children of God.  Make me poor in spirit Papa, help bring the Kenyan out in my most innermost being, as I too want to inherit the earth.  I too want mine to be the Kingdom of God…  Help me Papa to be pure within my heart.  Speak Your words of light to me Holy Spirit, guide me, pray for me.  Pray for me Holy Spirit, I need you Jesus, I need access to Your strength, allow me an extra portion of faith and help me in my unbelief in this day Papa.  I feel so inadequate for all you have called me here for as I see miracle after miracle, oh my knees get so weak and my heart breaks for every one as their eyes tell their stories.  Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in us the Spirt of Your Love, send forth the fullness of Your Spirit that we can be created new for this day and that You could reach the hopeless and heal their infirmities.  Heal their souls, grow their faith through Your miracles today… Please Papa renew the face of Kenya and touch them the way only You can touch, use my empty and willing hands Papa. By the light of the same Holy Spirit, instruct the hearts of this faithful team you called to Kenya, that we may be wise and discerning within You; that we may be set apart for You without our own agenda; that we may enjoy and taste You today Daddy.  Apart from you we will fail these beautiful souls, so go before us and be with us that our paths can be straight and bring Your Throne the glory, praise and honor only You deserve Papa- Increase in each of us in this day.

Oh my loving boy I have herd you and planted the seeds of my Word deep within you and you have allowed yourself to be empty so that I could fill you and pour Myself out through you precious loved one.  I have and will continue to awaken you son, keep seeking me with you whole heart and I will continue My divine work within you tony… Oh how I enjoy dancing with you tony-boy, you have my playfulness and joy within because you come expecting to find me every day; waiting for me when I pause and ready with your “yes” – I love this about you tony, you have allowed yourself to be gentle in heart.  I still have much work to do in you son, so it’s okay to feel inadequate and unprepared, to feel insecure and uncertain.  Please remember tony that your feelings are with your mind, where I am removing you from.  I AM training you to get far from your natural mind and the feelings within it.  I AM with you until the ends of the earth and the depths of the sea so let go and know that I AM…

I AM your God and you are my child.  Just continue to choose your words carefully and know in the depths of your heart that I will keep you on the straight and narrow path, not allowing you to be deceived as you walk in My light.  I will give you vision for the future and guidance all your days…  Know in the depths of your heart that I AM adequate, I AM prepared, I AM secure and I AM always certain so you don’t have to be these things, as I AM these for you and all my children and I AM so much more!  Your part is to enter My rest, to abide in Me and walk in My shadows as My lover and allow yourself to just be…  Tony can you feel Me right through you pouring out these words, your words belong to Me… Continue all your days to use them as freely as you do, it brings Me a great joy and gladness… Now go, go feed my precious sheep on that mountain and I will send them from the valley into your loving and capable arms precious and loving boy – Love them, love them all for My Father’s Glory…

Love you, Yeshua.

-Tony Murfin


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