Remember You Aren’t a Stranger You’re a Messenger

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August 2, 2016. Kenya

Today is our first “organized” full day of work. Every time we’re getting ready for Day 1 I wonder what we’re even doing here. I think of all the qualified millions of people between here and home, and then God sends me reminders…
-Facebook messages from the country of Kenya “welcome home”
-Words from the lips of one of our Kenyan organizers, “You are such an encouragement we look forward to your return the day you leave.”
-and then you Lord…

You remind me of that day I was standing on the back right corner of the boat looking out at the Amazon River with its calm steady flow, as the sun was setting. I was pondering the events of the day as it was coming to a close.

I know you remember because I can remember it as clear as a sunny cloudless day. It was an audible response in Spanish to my silent question towards you, “Why would you send a stranger to these people when there are so many qualified of their own?”

And I was slightly surprised, but greatly encouraged by your response, “No eres estranjero, eres mensajero.” Translation: You aren’t a stranger you are a messenger. I remember the wave of comfort and love that you gave me that let me know that I was in the right place.

I receive Your assignments not knowing what’s ahead but knowing who’s leading me.

Thank You for the comfort, the reminders and the team You’ve provided.

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