Watch the 18th Annual Benefit

Thousands attended the live Zoom and Facebook event on February 23, 2024!

You can still view the event recording below.

Your giving improves the lives of individuals, the strength of families, and the bonds within communities while sharing the message of God’s love in practical ways.

What an incredible evening we had! So many wonderful stories from many places around the world where the ripple effect is being felt! This is all thanks to the partnerships we have with faithful supporters just like you.

If you could not watch the stream with us, please take a moment to enjoy everything we put together for your enjoyment this year, giving you a look behind the scenes of what happens on the field with Hearts Afire!

Did you miss it?

We understand! Not everyone’s schedule can accommodate this event. Please watch the replay, and please pray that abundant finances continue to flow in so that we can continue to serve the needy throughout the world.

You can help by offering to share this recording with others who may be interested, and it’s never too late to make a donation to support our ongoing work.

You can also watch last year's Benefit!