Hearts Afire November 2021 Update

November 15, 2021

We thank God for every one of you who are part of the Hearts Afire Family! When we see firsthand and hear the testimonies of how people’s lives are touched, we know that God must be smiling! It’s a true joy to bear witness to lives being transformed.

The Kenyan people call Hearts Afire a blessing, but we know that we are also blessed by them. They are resilient and loving! After spending two weeks with our partners in Kenya, Dr. Joe and Board member Craig Hacche have exciting updates to report. Here is a preview.


● Evangelism training with the staff at Hearts Afire Milimani Mission Hospital (HAMMH) was held. The vision of Hearts Afire was shared and the staff was presented with Bibles.
● The church in Kamara, Kenya—on land we purchased and on which we drilled a well—is preparing to build a permanent concrete block sanctuary.
● Families are enjoying the new church playground in Baharini
● The drilling of a well in the Masai Mara has begun
● The very arid region of Kavaini was evaluated for a well which will be started soon

Fun Fact: Did you know that in 2020, Hearts Afire gave out 5,000 Bibles in 13 different languages in Kenya alone? Bibles were also distributed in India and the Dominican Republic. In 2021, 3,800 Bibles were given out. Next year, our goal is to spread God’s Word to 10,000 individuals! We have no doubt God’s mighty hand will be over this endeavor!


● Pastor Wamuthai’s church building has tripled in size and attendance has had an 8-fold increase
● In addition to water, the well that was drilled in Malili is now providing food through drip irrigation. The people are taking care of each other and it’s inspiring to see!
● Bibles that we donated have been distributed through several different areas of Kenya with reports of gratitude from all the pastors involved.
● The children in Malili were overjoyed when they received their first Bibles
● When dusty land was drilled and freshwater flowed, this was the response. “And on behalf of my community words just can’t express the happiness…. May God bless you Olalashe lai” (Olalashe lai is Masai for My brother)

Prayer Needs

Pray for funding for an ambulance, an ultrasound.
Pray that God sends the perfect Christian applicants to be employed as we open the next phase of the Hearts Afire Milimani Mission Hospital
Pray that as Pastors share the Bibles that you’ve donated through evangelism, that God’s Word ripples through the Spirits of new believers
Pray that as the HAMMH staff provides the COVID vaccines for individuals, these patients come to know the hospital as “their own”
Pray that our end-of-the-year giving campaign and upcoming virtual benefit in March bring in an abundance of funds to provide for even greater works in 2022. It will be exciting to see what the Lord makes possible through each and every one of our loving and caring generous donors!

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